Adventures in No-Code Part 2: Authenticating a SaaS app with

Abby Allen
7 min readNov 8, 2022
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If you’ve read my first article on getting started with No-Code tools, you’ll remember that I was trying to build a proof of concept of a new SaaS business concept. My requirements were:

  • Users need to be able to authenticate.
  • Users need to be able to build and maintain an inventory of supplies.
  • The system needs to recommend projects they can do with the supplies in their inventory.

After my initial research into No-code platforms, I’ve decided to add the following additional requirements to my list:

  • My data must be portable — If I ever outgrow the no-code platform and want to build from scratch, I need to be able to export users, supply lists, and projects out without too much pain
  • The system needs to be able to scale to at least 1k users without costing me a small fortune
  • It needs to support Google AdSense so that I can do some very basic content monetization
  • It needs to support some kind of subscription mechanism to remove said ads and unlock additional features.


The next most-promising no-code platform I found that seems to tick at least most of my boxes is Not only does it have a rich WYSIWYG interface for building layouts, its publicly searchable plugin library included several SSO provider plugins.

The onboarding experience was reasonably pleasant, with a five-step wizard that helped me name my application and choose a few plugins to start with. At the end of the wizard, however, I was met with this incredibly intimidating blank screen.

The very empty UI Builder

Unlike Webflow or Claris Filemaker, there are no default templates in the onboarding flow. Builders are given very little direction on where to start from here. Because Authentication has so far been my disqualifying requirement, I decided to dive into the documentation for my chosen SSO Plugin from Pathfix to see if I could set up a reasonable hello world.



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