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Abby Allen is a user-focused product manager, engineer, entrepreneur, and mom based in Minneapolis, MN.


  • Jaehyung Jung

    Jaehyung Jung

  • Jorge Toro

    Jorge Toro

  • Mo Gosh

    Mo Gosh

    Deeply UX. Usability wrangler, user researcher, product designer. Users rock, and no interaction is too small.

  • Suzi Magill

    Suzi Magill

    Product Owner. Sports Technology. Minneapolis, MN

  • Product Dave 💡

    Product Dave 💡

    “👋 I help PM’s create world-class products” | CPO at Begyn | Distinguished PM Instructor at GA | Check out my PM course here:

  • Paul Hannan

    Paul Hannan

    Curious human, educator, and creative thinker. Left the classroom 4 an Ed #startup Insights on education, technology, leadership, society, and a dash of news.

  • Keshia Carr

    Keshia Carr

  • Sal


    Freelance Writer. Aspiring Historian & Storyteller. Contact:

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